About Me.

Hi! Im Hailey, a certified plant based nutritionist, vegan recipe developer and food photographer behind PeelGood Kitchen. 

After graduating college from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography in 2017, I was...lost. During my time in school I began to fall out of love with my medium of choice. What was once my source of therapy became the very thing that triggered my stress. So, I just stopped. I decided to give myself a break and find something new that sparks the same kind of enthusiasm that art making once gave me. Turns out, it was never something I needed to search for, it was always right there, cooking. 

When I became vegan in 2015 I realized very quickly that I needed to learn how to cook plant based, and fast. Living in New York City, there were plenty of vegan restaurants but as a broke art student I knew that could not be my only source of a good meal. Anytime I was not working on a school assignment or drinking bottles of cheap wine with my college roommates, I was in the kitchen (my very tiny kitchen.) My love of cooking continued to grow throughout the rest of my college years and developed through my early 20’s to now. 

This love of cooking later sparked a new love of photography I had never explored, food photography. Why didn’t I think of this before?  So, PeelGood Kitchen was born. I have found a way to combine my passion for healthy, plant based recipe development with my love of image making to give you the best of both worlds. Food that is designed to be good for you and your taste buds. At PeelGood kitchen my goal is to provide you with the resources to live your most nourished life, with food you can peelgood about. 

I’m so excited you are here, so let’s get peeling.

Hailey McCracken the founder of Peelgood Kitchen.
Where does the name
Peelgood come from?
"I love all fruits and veggies but, I have my favorites. Carrots, potatoes, bananas...do you sense a theme? All the foods I, ya know, peel. It just so happens that all of these foods make you feel good too. So Peelgood was born. Plant-based recipes designed to make you peel so good."
Hailey McCracken
Vegan no bake tart recipe. Various fruit on top.

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